Celebrate senior pride wherever you go with sweatpants and shorts specially made for the Class of 2023. There’s something for everyone and every activity.

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Our Class of 2022 shorts balance school pride, style and function with relaxed-fit, lightweight materials.

Fleece Shorts

Fleece Shorts

For timeless activewear, you can’t beat these Fleece Shorts. Sure, they’re comfy. But they’re also a stylishly subtle celebration of 2023, with the teal “23” printed on the left leg.

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We wrote the book on graduation essentials. Check out the entire Jostens Class of 2023 Graduation catalog below, featuring announcements, senior apparel, class jewelry and more.


Now for the fun part: styling your high school sweatpants! Here are some fun ideas for how to style your joggers for school with comfort, fashion, and school spirit in mind:

1. All Out For School Spirit

Sweatpants with your school’s name or your graduation year are a must for spirit rallies, football games, or to throw on after dominating on the soccer field. Why not rock senior sweatpants to see your school play or art show? It is a way to show your fellow students that you support their achievements publicly. Plus, it’s also a way to celebrate your own.

2. Casual, Low Key Looks

Just add sneakers and a T-shirt and you are all set for a chill time. To step up your fashion game while still being casual, throw on a jean jacket over the T-shirt. A messy bun or a baseball cap tops off the look, perfect for finals week or homework time. Super comfortable senior sweatpants can also be enjoyed well past graduation, making them a great addition to your wardrobe!

3. Athletic and Practical

When wearing sweatpants for their traditional purpose, you can’t go wrong. School jogging pants made from light, breathable material like cotton, or a wicking synthetic material to absorb sweat are perfect for summer sports. Sweatpants made with heavier material, polyester blends, or fleece will keep you warm during winter workouts. Loose-fitting sweatpants are also a perfect outer layer if you don’t mind a quick change after your warmup on the field.

4. Dressed Up

Yes, it’s totally possible to dress up your school joggers! Pair them with some classy shoes or boots — even heels! A blazer or leather jacket shows you mean business, while sweatpants show you know how to be relaxed, too. Sweatpants, paired with a blazer, are not a bad idea to wear if you are giving a presentation at school. (Plus, the soft material and stretchy waistband can provide comfort if you’re prone to pre-presentation jitters.) Throw in some statement accessories, and you’re good to go.

Dressed-up sweatpants are a fun option if you want to be comfortable on a night out, or to simply wear during the school day. If you’re still not sure you can rock the dressed-up sweatpants look, just remember: bold red lipstick makes every statement look purposeful.

5. Matched with a Sweatshirt

Match your senior sweatpants with a school sweatshirt or with a different sweatshirt. Either way, you are sure to feel comfortable and warm. Sweatsuits and tracksuits are back in style with full force. Throw on a T-shirt underneath the sweatshirt in case you decide to take it off.

Sweatpants were first invented in France, the fashion epicenters of the world. While France is commonly associated with all things chic, sweatpants, historically, are all about practicality, not glamor. (Although nowadays, they are being styled up!)

They were invented in the 1920s to be worn during athletic events. The material used to create sweatpants shifted from wool to cotton throughout the years and now includes polyester, fleece, and synthetic blends. Sweatpants are now unisex, worn by all ages, and used for athletics, athleisure, comfort, and lounging.

Traditionally, sweatpants are loose-fitting pants with an elastic waistband. In recent years, joggers have been born out of sweatpants: they are made with lighter material (cotton instead of fleece). They have tapered legs and are cuffed around the ankle or calf. Drawstrings and pockets are optional in both sweatpants and joggers. Sweatpants can be combined with a matching sweatshirt for a coordinated sweatsuit look or worn as separates.

Gone is the association of laziness with sweatpants: people now understand that comfortability is key to achievement and overall happiness. Sweatpants are essential in today’s wardrobe, whether they are worn to go to school, travel, work, or even to sleep.

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Celebrate your incredible achievements with extra-special Class of ‘23 commemoratives that you can carry with you for a lifetime. The high school chapter of your life may be closing, but an exciting new adventure is just about to begin.